Why am i not writing in my own blog?

I haven’t been writing on my blog….even though I get a reminder every day. So, I’m sitting here wondering why ….as I’m watching Dr. Horrible and the fact that he has a video blog.

The reason why, is I think what I have to write might be too racy. My goal with the blog was to write honestly about some subjects that are part of my life. Being a Qadishtu is about sexual energy, so people shouldn’t be surprised if I write about sex, kink, poly, power exchange….but for some reason I think of being judged.

It’s easier for me to write on fetlife because it’s a specific group of people that are there and they don’t find anything shocking, or so I think. But, ……..i like the idea of having a blog where people don’t have to be on fetlife to read it.

Hell, it’s been so long since I’ve written on it, I’m not even sure if anyone reads it.

I am thinking of changing the format of it as well. It’s done in ‘stacks’ on my mac….but I’m thinking of taking it to wordpress. I think there are more things you can do on wordpress…and stacks keeps losing the pictures that I put on there, so I’ve stopped putting up pictures. To me, that makes it boring.

But, I have things I WANT to write about.

The Jill Party that I’m putting together for this weekend….the experience of having a girlfriend…..and a boyfriend….teaching sex magic in St. Louis last weekend. …..so many things to write about.

Maybe I’ll get over this hurdle and actually get to writing again. 

If nothing else, i’d like to write things that will end up being put in books.

M/s Living: The Next 10 Years
M/s Living: The Workbook
Poly Anthology: Stories From Those Living Ethical Non-Monogamous Lives
Polyamory 101
The Forgotten Art of Rites of Passage
Sex Magick Anthology
Slut Stories: Real Life Stories By a Real Life Slut
Path of the Qadishti

So many books I want to write :)

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