Post Op - Tried on a tight shirt for the first time

I’ve been wearing baggie nightshirts for the last 3 weeks, since surgery. With the drains in, it’s hard to wear anything else.

Sometimes I put on pants so that that I go out for a walk, trying to build my stamina.

Well, I’m currently wearing pants, and decided to try on a tshirt that is tighter. I almost cried. Wow. What a difference. It took me by surprise, the difference. Wow. Amazing.

I’m calling the doc tomorrow to see what is needed to get these drains out.

And I’m hoping I can sleep tonight. That’s my biggest concern at the moment. Other than the drains. I havent’ been able to sleep well the last couple of night. Everything is sore and hurts. The incision feels like a steel vice grip around my hips.

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