Surgery Prep

I’m continuing to put things in place for the surgery. I have someone bringing me a mobile bedside table and I’m setting people up to come keep an eye on me once Dan goes back to work.
And someone at work just shared something with me. I have a fear of dropping my phone on the floor and not being able to call anyone while I’m stuck in the chair. I won’t be able to bend over to get it. Well, when I expressed this, she told me about a product called a gopher. It’s a reacher thingie with suction cups on it. What a great idea! I just went to amazon and ordered one. So there is another fear taken care of. And I’ve got people stopping by the first couple of days after Dan goes to work.

And I’ve also created a packing list for my hospital stay. Plus, yesterday I bought some sweatpants to come home from the hospital in. Problem is, I have no idea what size I’ll be. Plus, I’ll have the drains in. So, do I buy big pants or pants that I won’t have to worry about them falling down? Well, what I did was bought a bigger size than what I wear now, and made sure they have drawstrings. That way I can tie them on. But, honestly, I’m also thinking of just wearing a dress with leg warmers home from the hospital. I’m packing both.
So, left to do:

Pack overnight bag
Get table from Stephanie
Set up table next to recliner
Set up charging station next to recliner
Get Walker and wedge cushions from Trina
Prep freezer meals
Prep breakfasts and lunches
Figure out how to log into work from home
Prep Dan’s morning pills

Since it’s also the holiday season, I need to think about getting the Christmas Tree this weekend, and shopping for gifts. Though, I usually do most of my shopping through Amazon, so I can actually wait on that. 
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