My Qadishtu Sefl as Seen By Others

I had someone write me and try to describe me energetically during sex……after reading what she had to say, it makes me want to be with more people so that they can see that side of me. Many people are intimidated by me, my place in the community, or just simply by my ‘resting bitch face’. But, this person, she gets me and decided to share it with me.
……. it feels like you open up a part of yourself that is - magickal. Pure and passionate and sensual in a way that practically vibrates, like touching a live wire. It's white but not-white, red but not-red. Something in me answers and it's a little like I might imagine entering something outside of time: nothing else really exists except you and me and the dance, and I know most of the steps even though I've never heard the music before…..  ‘

She has seen my Qadishtu self. 

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