Post Op - 7 weeks

And that’s pretty much what I did. Now, though I’m still stiff and numb and sore; I’m at work full-time, I’m driving, I can reach things on the floor and am healing pretty well. I still can’t lay down in bed or sit up in bed without rolling to my side. I hurt myself when I sneeze. It’s hard to get in and out of the car. I can’t lift things. But, all in all, things are going well.

I do have a hole in my side. I ended up with a hot spot and nothing we were doing was working. So, the doc cut a 2 inch slit in my side and packed it with gauze. That seems to have done the trick, but he doesn’t want to sew it shut. I have to pack it for the next couple of weeks until it heals from the inside out. That’s a bit frustrating because it means I can’t start exercising yet. But, that’s ok, I probably shouldn’t be anyway.

It was kind of neat to come to work where people hadn’t seen me since before the surgery. It is a major difference. I like seeing the shocked look.

You know, for someone that used to not turn on their turn signal when she first started driving because it meant that people would notice her, I’ve really come a long way. I like to be noticed now. I like being the center of attention as long as it’s not for negative reasons. I don’t camouflage so well anymore. I don’t feel the need. Huh, that’s part of the reason why I felt I was ready for this surgery. When you do things like this, you need to be ready to be noticed.

I’m looking forward to going to Kinky & Geeky on Friday night. I plan on dressing sexy even though I can’t do any naughty play. Well, nothing too physical anyway.

I can’t wait until Winter Wickedness, where it will be the first time some people see me since the surgery. I assume I will be the center of attention for a little while, and plan to dress to empress.

I just wrote my friend that had this surgery about 6 years ago. I can see why she likes to dress up at events now. Just looking at all the stuff I can wear has me excited. It’s going to be so much fun to put together outfits. Things I could only dream about before.

Though, I have a different problem now…..i’m top heavy. Which means I have to totally change the way I dress. It used to be short shirts with flowy skirts, and long shirts with pants. Now I can wear short shirts with pants……but haven’t quite figured out how to wear skirts yet, and skirts used to be my staple. Today I wore a knee length skirt, leggings, knee hi boots and a baggy sweater. The bagginess is to cover the tire that I’ve always had since the weight loss, under my boobs, which is now more prominent because of the slimmer hips. It’s a little frumpy looking. I’d hate to give up my skirts. 
Wow….hard to believe I’m coming up on 7 weeks post op. I can remember being a few days before the operation and being nervous because it was a major surgery, and being nervous because of recovery time, but also recognizing that time would zip by and all I needed to do was hold on and wait.

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