Surgery reflections

Not exactly sure where I’m going to put this journaling about my surgery just yet, but I definitely need to journal. I want to do another youtube video as well, before surgery.

So, Belt Lipectomy.

10 days until surgery on Dec. 8
th. 10 days.

Just a couple of days ago, it was 2 weeks. Now it’s 10 days. And honestly, it’s a little scary. I’ve been able to play it off like it’s nothing, emotionally……even though logically I know it’s a big deal. Then, my husband admitted to me that he realized it was a big deal. And the fact that it’s happening next week. I’m lining people up to stop in and check on me. It’s going to happen.

There are little things to think about. I won’t be able to sit on my meditation cushion for weeks if not months. Getting out of this recliner may or may not work. I joke about watching Netflix and have a list of shows and movies, but in reality I’ll probably sleep the first week and hope I don’t get stuck in this chair.

Going to the bathroom isa big concern for me. I won’t have someone home to help out. What if I can’t sit on the toilet? Well, I thought of that answer yesterday. We have a walk in shower. If all I have to do is pee, I can walk into the shower to do so. No bending required. Then, I’ll have a towel to sit on or a chuck on my chair.

I’m hoping I’m like some of the girls on youtube that are up and moving in a couple of days. But, in all reality, I’ll probably be like the ones that are down and out for a couple of weeks. Though, I don’t want to make that happen by thinking about it too hard.

As I pulled on my leggings up and over my belly this morning, I realized I’m just ready to have it gone.

A very wise person (Mike Conley), told me that it’s my last connection to the past. That made me cry. That’s truer than even he may know.
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