Making a Difference in People's Lives

Making a Difference in People’s Lives
One of the things that drew me to being a Qadishtu Priestess, was the idea of helping make a difference in people’s lives. And not just by doing charity, or mentoring, or giving money, but by really helping them build a stronger foundation within themselves.
One of the ways of helping with personal foundations is through healing our sexual selves. Getting to the root of our sexual difficulties. Whether these difficulties were created by past abuse or neglect or being an introvert or being shamed, I have a drive to help people through this.
A strong foundation in our sexuality help us become more confident in ourselves as human beings. When I don’t feel shame about my urges and desires, I can then embrace who I am at my core.
This is coming from someone that was sexually molested and abused since her earliest memory til the time she left home. Then, married someone that shamed her about her urges and desires, though they were healthy ones that happened to be kinky or not involve him.

My husband/Master, who is also a Qadesh deep down, even before he knew the word, is the one that helped me overcome the results of my baggage, and through my shame. He helped me embrace that major part of myself. Now, my foundation is strong enough that I can help others.

I can help by sharing my story. I can help by mentoring and sharing tools that I’ve learned along the way. And I can help through sex, and sexual ritual, including bdsm. I’ve seen the results.

One of the first experiences that had visible results was when I was with a stranger and pleasured him. I was there for him and made eye contact and stroked him with pleasure. He was an overweight fellow with body issues, and I put on my Qadishtu aura, dropped my walls and focused on this human being under my hands as I pleasured him. The results were amazing. This is the first time that someone told me they loved me after one time together. I let him know what I did and explained that it wasn’t me he was in love with, but the feeling of being loved and that there was someone out there for him. A few weeks later I ran across him at a BBW party, meeting women…something he’d been too nervous about before then. But, he wanted that feeling again and that made him brave enough to face his challenges around his body image and sex.

I need this path in my life. It helps me feel complete.

There aren’t too many opportunities to walk this path though. Or I’m just not looking in the right spot. I’ll have to keep my eyes open at the event we are going to this weekend. 
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