Body Acceptance

Well, it’s kind of funny how things happen. I was going to post my ‘Changing Body’ writing to get, but instead came across a writing in a Trauma Survivors group about calling people out on being fat and having a food addiction and being unhealthy because they are fat.

That totally tripped me out. I had to wait a full 24 hours before responding to it and only did so because people responding were acting like it was ok to call someone out because they were fat.

Personally, I’d consider that very rude. What gives someone the right to ‘call someone out’, with the excuse of saying it’s because you believe someone is unhealthy?

So, I’m going to post what I had to say here. I think I handled it pretty even-handedly.....but as someone that is having problems with body acceptance lately, I can’t even imagine if someone came up to me and tome me I had to lose weight because they are concerned that I’m unhealthy. My numbers are better than most people I know and I exercise more than most I know (except Master...He’s hard core) :)

Well, i've been thinking and thinking about this....trying not to take it personally and making sure my feelings are not coming from a trigger. And from what i can tell, they aren't. But, i do feel very strongly about this. And my opinion seems to be different than others that have answered. i'm totally ok with that.

i am a fat woman. i am a healthy fat woman. All of my numbers are in normal range except for my iron because of my gluten issues. i walk half-marathons, i'm training to run a 5k this spring. Not that i need to defend myself or my size.

Regardless, if someone decided to 'call me out' on being fat, not only would i consider it rude, but i would seriously wonder why someone felt the need to be in my business. We are all mirrors of each other and if someone felt the need to call me out on something that is bothering them, i would highly suggest looking in the mirror to see what it is about themselves that they see reflected that is bothering them and then advise they work on their own issues.

Supposedly, i belong to a community that is about acceptance and it is not for me to judge peoples personal preferences in how they live their lives.

i was just at a weekend event over the weekend and it was full of beautiful people, and yes some of them were fat and feeling very comfortable in their own skin. i love the atmosphere where we are accepted for who we are.

So, if someone decides to walk away from me because of my 'addictions', whatever they think that may be, that's their choice. Personally, i think i'm a great person, beautiful even and someone that gives back to the community a hundred fold. To judge me on my size.....tsk tsk.

Besides, the only person i have to answer to is my Master. :)

Just my 2 cents worth.....


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