I did it!

So……I did it!!!!!

I walked 13.7 miles with an average pace of 18:36 per mile!!! Woot!!!

I’m really excited about the accomplishment! I’ve wanted to do this for a really long time and did it. I’m sore and hurting but in a good way.

I almost
talked myself out of it for a couple of reasons. First of all, the weather man said it was supposed to storm today. One said in the morning and the other said in the afternoon. Well, if I start walking on such a long walk and it starts to rain in the middle, I have no way to get home except turning around and huffing it back. Wet. So, I would have to make the choice of finishing or turning around early and trying again on Monday. I didn’t really want to do that, but have walked 6 miles in the rain before and it’s not a great experience. It’s not the rain itself, I’ve learned how to enjoy that. It’s the wet socks and shoes and the worry about the electronics that I carry on me. I truly believe that is what messed up my phone that I carry now, even though I had it in a plastic bag during that walk.

The second reason is because I’m afraid of not having a goal with my exercise. Once I complete a 13.1 distance, what’s next? I don’t want to spend the money to travel to an official half marathon (well, part of me does)…but by registering for a half marathon that is 3 weeks away, I have to keep training.

I think the next goal is going to be the ‘couch potato to 5k’ jogging plan. That is something I can do at the gym during the winter.

Without a goal and just having a generic, lose weight get healthy approach, I don’t stay motivated.

Tonight, I can pat myself on the back though.

And when I complete the half marathon, I want a sticker on my truck and I think I want a little pendant the bracelet that Sheri gave me for my college graduation gift.