Beautiful people

Random Thoughts

I had a lot of wonderful comments about my weightloss tonight. I was wearing cute leggings with rhinestones on them, a short skirt and a beautiful metallic shirt. I thought it was cute!

Dan thought it was cute, and a few people at The Room did. It’s weird for me and I actually had it on my ‘101 goals in 1001 days’ list …..accepting compliments. I’m getting used to the compliments.

It feeds the fear.

I had a lot of well wishes tonight about my walk on Sunday. That feels weird too. I know I write about this stuff in a couple of different places, and I’ve shared about it…but it feels weird to have people interested in what I’m doing.

I also had 2 different people give me gifts tonight. James gave me a beautiful carnelian bowl and Damian gave me a beautiful puzzle of a girl with a golden dragon sitting on her shoulder.

I don’t know if James knows it, but carnelian is a stone of sexuality. I immediately put it in my bra. This item will go in my spiritual topping toy kit. i see so many ways of using it in a ritualistic scene. And Damian has no clue, because I don’t talk about it …..except with my husband…..but I have a guardian that is a golden dragon. I actually haven’t talked about him in years. He came to me, full of wisdom, at the time I decided to leave my ex-husband.

Amazing gifts from some beautiful people in my life. I’m so lucky!

I also got to chat with the wife of someone that is interested in my search for someone to do sex magic with. She’s all excited for him. It was a great conversation.

mouse butterfly

I’m a lucky girl.

Now, even luckier….I get to go snuggle with my love, after writing something naughty to the new person in my life.