Mud Ninja

What was I thinking?

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Yes, I’ve walked a half-marathon before. Yes, I’ve ran 2 5k’s at this point, and I’ve been to a personal trainer for over a year. But, this?
Every time I think about the obstacles, adrenaline starts pumping. I don’t like adrenaline. I have a fear of falling in the mud. I have a fear of not being able to make it through some of the obstacles. I have a fear of breaking my glasses. I have a fear of looking foolish.
I know we are just supposed to go have fun, and I will do my best. But, damn. I just don’t know that I can do what I required with the upper body strength. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, and I’ve lost 90 pounds over the years. But, I still can’t do a pull-up. I still have to pull up a little over 200 pounds to do some of this stuff. I just don’t think I can do it.
I want to look at the video again, but a guy here at work says I should just go and have fun and stop stressing about the event.
People are asking me if I’m ready for tomorrow, and my response is that I’m looking forward to the nap that is going to happen in the afternoon.
The mud doesn’t bother me except for the slipperiness. The running part doesn’t bother me, because I know I can slow to a walk. But, the obstacles. If I decide to walk across a log and then freeze in the middle, who is coming to get me? No one, because there is a mud pit below me!
At this point, I’m hoping that it’s enjoyable enough so that I can maybe do it again next year with a much better idea of what to expect.

Laugh. Katie says my only requirement to be on the team is that I laugh. Here’s hoping I can accomplish that.