Life in Review - Clairsentience

So, my goal for at least part of this year is to look at my Life in Review....I’m going to try to use some of the archangel cards that I draw, to tap into that thought process.

The card I drew today is:


Archangel Raguel: “Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance.”

“Please honor your feelings. Don’t be afraid of deep emotions or intense feelings. I can help you distinguish between your feelings and the feelings of others. I’ll also help you clear any energies you may absorb. I’ll guide you towards people, situations, and places with clear and loving energy. Your repetitive emotions and physical feelings provide important information, so please notice and follow these feelings. They’re answers to your prayers. Ask me to help translate confusing messages so that you’ll clearly know which steps to take. “

Funny that I bring up this card. That is one of my life patterns. Well, one pattern is that I don’t fall in love a lot and I tend to protect myself from intense emotions. I can honestly say that I’ve loved others, but have only been ‘in love’ with two people in my life. One was my high school sweetheart, HG and the other is my current husband, Dan. I can’t even imagine being ‘in love’ with anyone else. The deepness, the completeness, the way I tingle when he’s around. I only want to feel that with someone I totally trust.

But, I can love and will love. And during my meditation yesterday at Sangha, the mantra that kept repeating in my head and heart was, ‘decide to love’. Don’t be scared of the outcome, just open and love. Don’t be scared. I have always known that I have a protector. I need to trust him/her.