Results of working with Freya

Freya wings cats

The only thing that I can imagine that happened, is that Freya came through me full force after my research of her, my search for an amber pendant to honor her and my writing about her all last week. Because Friday night, I was super empowered at the event we were at. I had an attitude that wouldn’t quit!

I felt secure about myself. I felt secure with my husband. I felt secure with how I looked and I could care less if people found me intimidating, because I felt sexy! I dressed in a short short black tight skirt, white shirt and my Leather PXS vest, knowing I was going on stage in front of 400 people. Didn’t matter. I usually feel frumpy with what I wear, but I was feeling hot. And I got a lot of comments and ‘I want to eat you up’ looks from many people. It was awesome to be on stage like that.

I went back to the room after the opening ceremonies to change for the evening and once I figured out what I was going to wear, that attitude doubled in strength when I saw myself in the mirror. I left our hotel room in a short black dress with a corset, fishnet stockings and knee high boots.

Over the years, and even recently, people had been letting me know that I am intimidating to them. For some reason, I always take it personally and start to shut down and become mousy so that I’m not intimidating to anyone. Well, Friday night I was in a ‘bring it on’ attitude.

I keep thinking that when someone says I’m intimidating that it means I’m not being humble and gracious. Which are goals of mine with how I interact with people and myself. So, I would feel like a failure. Well, I’m thinking that maybe I’m misunderstanding what they are saying.

My thought at the moment is humble, gracious, and vivacious. And the ones that can handle that are the ones that get to spend time with me.

And with that attitude, I strutted out of the hotel room. I could feel my husbands/Masters look of surprise.

What I loved about this was, I went out into social land and chatted with everyone I could find. My walls were down. I had nothing to hide, and no one to protect myself from. I was in safe space and could take care of myself.

People were open to me and I ended up with a couple of dates for the weekend and lots of great conversation and flirting through the event. The first ‘date’, dragged me off almost as soon as I got to the social space the first evening. Hot hot hot.

I like this attitude.

Freya, thank you.