Doggy Daycare

1st World Problem

Today was a very interesting day for me.....

A couple of things. I’ve never had a dog in doggie daycare. But, the husband and I will be traveling over the next couple of weeks and need a place where she can stay. I did not realize that trying to find a doggie daycare would be on the same level as looking for a daycare for a child. There are questions you should come prepared to ask.

1) How are the dogs separated if there is a fight?
2) How many people are in each room?
3) Are the dogs separated by size?
4) What if things get out of control?
5) What happens if one of them get hurt?

There are things to watch out for.

1) What is the energy of the place like. Does it seem welcoming to the parent?
2) What are you signing? One place I was looking at had on the 4 page release form that I’d be signing, that they had the right to put my dog down if injuries occurred on site. AND I’d have to pay for it.
3) Is my dog easily accessible whenever I want to stop by?

My first experience of her having a visit was traumatizing for both of us. I felt like I was leaving my child in very unskilled hands. The woman watching both rooms of dogs, did nothing but yell at the dogs and use water bottles. I couldn’t hear what they were telling me because the dogs were barking and the woman was screaming. Ginger didn’t like it there but was holding her own ground by the time I left. When I picked her up, they wouldn’t let me go to where she was because it was for ‘staff only’. Not cool. When they brought her down, her face was all wet.

What was more telling was that she was not happy in the car. Her poor little face was droopy and just plain unhappy. When we got home she growled at both the husband and I like she was defending her territory. Then, when I took her for a walk, she bolted for home when she saw another dog. This is not like little miss social.

So, we go to look at another one tomorrow. I already stopped in and took a look. It has a much calmer energy. Gods I hope she and we like it. She won’t be there often, until I get back into the work force.

This is one of the ‘first world’ problems I ran into today. I’ll talk about the other one later.