Mud Ninja


I can feel the fear in the pit of my stomach.

Recently, we were invited to do the ‘Mud Ninja’. I actually find this idea a little terrifying. Yes, I can walk a half marathon. Yes, I can jog a 5k. Yes, I’ve lost almost 90 pounds in the last 10 years. But, the ‘Mud Ninja’….. I watched the youtube video and it’s a lot of upper body strength stuff or jumping across pits.

I’m not sure I’ve lost enough weight to do that. Even after a full year of working with my personal trainer, I’m not sure that I have the strength. The person that invited us, specifically says…..” And if you can't do a single pull-up, it might not be fair to expect us to pull you over every obstacle we come to.” I totally agree with that, but I know that I can’t do a pull-up, and don’t know if I ever will be able to.

So, can I do this? It would definitely give me a goal to work towards, though I’m working on spending up my time for running a 5k as it is. Can I work on both? I’m not sure. And I was just getting comfortable with giving up my trainer. I don’t know that I can prep for an event like this one, without his help.

Honestly, I don’t want to be the ‘big girl’ being pointed at. Logically, I know that won’t happen, but emotionally it’s a different story.

Though, there is a child inside of me that thinks this would be fun. In the past, I’ve been too big to allow that child to come out and play. She would be disappointed and in the end, humiliated. But, maybe it’s time to move past that.

But, I’m almost 48. What am I thinking of? Then again, if not now, when?

And mud. Lots of mud. I’ve done that before when I got to stay and play on Great Fox Island in the Chesapeake Bay in Jr. High while attending a summer camp. But, we were playing and hiking through the mud. This event will be about trying to get through mud pits and walking logs, and ….mud.


At least their won’t be fiddler crabs and fish eggs/poo in the this mud. I hope.

It’s time to train.

This event is at the end of July. That gives me 3 ½ months to train. Strength training for this event and working on my speed for running the 5k. Should be interesting, since I’ll have to work on my eating as well.


Raising Standards with exercise


So, still having an issue with trying to lose weight. I’ve been going to the personal trainer for 5 months now, and have barely lost any. I’ve lost some inches, but nothing on the scale. I know that ‘muscle weighs more that fat’, but there should be a larger change by now.

I was scrolling through some journal entries, and came across one that was about ‘raising my standards’ when it comes to my exercise and eating.

I need to bump up the exercise....quality exercise, not just walking the dog mixed in with the trainer.

I need to change my eating. I’ve cut out most things that aren’t good for me...potatoes, rice, sugar, fruit. It’s time to go hard core high protein again. I never felt better than when I was on the atkins diet. I need to try it again, for 2 weeks.

I’ve got 3 weeks to catch up with 50 miles of walking and biking. Is that even possible? Sure. 3 weeks at at least 2 miles a day.

I’ve GOT to do this! I’ve put too much work into this process to give up now.

I want to get to 199 pounds!

I can do this.