Experiencing Life

Experiencing Life

There was a great topic at Sangha tonight…..experiencing life.

The idea that some things can’t be described, they must be experienced. And that our experience can change if we bring into it our perceptions.

I loved this topic.

We did i do the Appalachian Trail? For the experience. Can I really describe it to anyone? No. They will have to experience it for themselves and it will be different than my experience. Why did I do the half-marathon? One of those reasons was to experience the experience. If I could keep that focus on many things that I do, the experience itself would be so different.

This is one reason that I date others, or go to parties, or travel or do the many things that I do. Just to see what it feels like. For I will never know unless I do it.

Some things I do……because it is who I am. Some things I do …..because I can. Most things I do that are for the experience, I only do if I’ll feel it deeper than surface level. Surface level isn’t worth it to me. Just as there are some things that I don’t want to experience at all.

And as I said, some things can’t be explained to others. When someone asks me what it’s like to do sacred touch. “What is this sacred touch?” they ask. I try to explain. I try to give it words. There aren’t any words. So, instead I ask if I can touch their arm. And with their arm I close my eyes and gently run my hand over the inside of their forearm. I
do sacred touch with them.

It’s the same when I teach workshops on my own. If it’s a spiritual or energetic topic, I will usually create a circle or ritual so that the attendees can experience what I’m teaching for themselves.

It’s experiencing the orange, tasting and feeling the orange…instead of trying to describe what it is.