First World Problems

First World Problems part 3

So....I re-read my last post. And realized that I hadn’t really finished. it.

Yes, it’s a first world problem, but what is the point of shaming myself out of going to the gym? Am I accomplishing anything with my life, am I taking care of myself so that I am there for my family and myself if I don’t go to the gym?

Am I not going to the gym and working out so that I stand in solidarity with those that don’t have gyms because their neighborhoods have been bombed? No. I’m allowing myself to make excuses. It’s as simple as I’m lacking motivations because I haven’t set a new exercise goal and I want to talk myself out of working out.

In fact, I want to be around for a long time and getting healthier will help me do that. I’ll be there to teach, and write and share my story and share my healing path and be there for my grand daughter. No, I won’t be able to help those that have been bombed or are starving. There are ways of helping them, but skipping the gym is not one of those ways.

And if there is ever a Zombie Apocalypse, I’ll be in shape enough so that I’m not the first one eaten ;)

So, it’s time to pick that 5k that I’m training for. Because I know that it helps my motivation, so use what works. And...because Master says so. Again, use the motivation that works :)

First World Problem Part 2

So, the other issue I was having yesterday was the whole concept of being motivated to exercise. I have not been motivated since finishing the half-marathon. I don’t want to go to the gym. I don’t want to work out.

It doesn’t matter that I know it’s good for me. It doesn’t matter that I feel healthier physically and mentally. It doesn’t matter that it will probably help me live longer. I’m just not motivated.

But, I got dressed anyway. I went to the gym. I stood beside the track. I resisted putting one foot in front of the other until I was done. Why?

Well....what’s the point? So, I lose a couple of pounds. So, I finish a 5k race with a slightly better speed than last year. So what? I look around the gym. I look at the young people preening for each other. I look at the older ones trying to get into shape before it’s too late. I see a couple of men that look like they used to be football players back ‘in the day’, that don’t want to go completely flabby. But, what’s the use?

Yes, I could tell I was in major con drop. It didn’t make it feel any less real. So, I wrote my Master/husband. I needed someone to talk me out of the spiral. I could see I was heading for it and didn’t feel strong enough to reel myself back in. Not only did I write Him, but I was desperate and knew He might not be able to answer my email, so I put a plea out to my Facebook friends.

Lack of motivation. Help!!!

Again, it hit me. This is such a first world problem. My goal is to finish a 5k a little faster and buy a tshirt for $40 in the process? Like I told Him later, there are people that run that far on a daily basis just to get from one place to another, or to hide from death squads or to outrun bombs. And I’m worried about how I’ll look in spandex. I stood there beside that track and almost shamed myself out of working out.

But, He wrote me back and reminded me it was con drop. 2 of my friends on Facebook told me to just put one foot in front of the other until it was time to walk out the door.

I couldn’t have done it without this support.

I certainly felt better after the workout.

And went back today.