High Protocol Dinner

HIgh Protocol Dinner

One of the joys i have partaken in over the years of being in a power exchange relationship, is the participation in High Protocol dinners. Yesterday, i was part of one again, and it was fabulous!

i can remember when these used to make me nervous...so nervous that i was afraid of doing anything wrong and disappointing my Master/Husband. But, now i’m a lot more confident. Though, i did find myself very nervous yesterday at moments. i’m not sure if it’s because the other 3 submissives had never served at a dinner of this sort before, nor had they seen one before......or if it’s because of my part of the entertainment after dinner.

i’m still chewing on that piece. It had me totally scatter-brained and my voice shook. And there were pieces that were totally personal in it and meant more than what i can say. For once, i’m keeping it to myself. i don’t think anyone else really picked up on the words i spoke and i don’t know that anyone really understood what i shared. But, i know what i did and that’s why i was so nervous.

And oddly enough, i just don’t feel like sharing it. With all the blogging, writing and sharing i do, this one is mine. If Master understood the words, it is His as well.