Black Ooze vs Puppies

Writing muse….funny, I skipped writing yesterday and it’s making it harder to write today.

I have a list of things to write about. And no drive to write. Here it is bedtime and I’m sitting in bed typing just so that I get something written today.

I’d rather be snuggling. Instead he has covered his face so that the light doesn’t bother him.

I biked 3 miles today. Then, jogged with the puppy. Only part of a quarter of a mile. Had a rude woman ask me to pick up my puppy as she passed me with her dog…the sound of her voice made it sound like she was afraid my pour little mixed breed might taint her dog. What an uppity neighborhood I live in. And she just oozed that energy of ‘entitlement’. It was black and icky ooze. If that is what money does to you, I’m ok with my financial status the way it is. *shiver*

I picked up Ginger, her little body wagging it’s tail against me, wondering why she wasn’t allowed to say hi to the other dog. I’m glad she’s a dog and doesn’t understand the ways of rude people.

I then put her back down, let her take the jogging lead and laughed as she pulled me along like she was a sled dog. Her little legs just a pulling as I tried to keep up with her.

black blob

Just today’s thought. Puppies rock!