Free Flow Writing To LARPing

It’s really funny to me that I can think of all kinds of topics during the day and then when it comes time to write, they are gone. I do need to remember to add them to my list when I think of them.

So, going to free flow write and see what happens again. I do want to make sure that I write about topics though and not as a journal entry. My journal entrys just sort of document my days, they don’t really get deep into topics. My goal is to allow myself to go deep. I’ll try.


Beautiful day out today. Had a clothing swap that didn’t go well. I sold two items but between buying a couple of items and having a couple pieces given to me, I came home with a couple of new to me items. It’s actually pretty amazing to spend time with people that I don’t usually spend time with. Silken was there and she always has something sincerely nice to say to me. It’s hard to believe that I’ve known her for about 13 years. She knew me during my much chubbier times and she is truly excited for me. She is such a sweetie.

It was pretty amazing to try on clothes that I would never have tried on over the last 22 years and to have them fit! I’m so excited about clothes, that it makes me want to go back to corporate america, so that I have a paycheck that will allow for clothing shopping. I’m craving clothing and shoe and costume shopping. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that before except when I started building costumes for LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). But, I was so large at that point, that I just made my own costumes. Though, I did well at it and loved making them.

Let’s see, if I go back to work, I won’t have to work every evening and weekend trying to make rent on the Columbus Insight Center. Which would give us time to go LARPing again. Wow, are we too old for that? Not sure. But, I absolutely loved the creation of the characters I played and I loved making costuming for Dan’s characters.
apollodorus copy

Appolodorus….my first character.

xDSC00004 copy

2nd Character, Una the Wild Elf.

clover copy

Clover….I spent a lot of time developing her.

I wonder what my next costume would be? At this point I could choose to be anything in the new LARPing system. Something to get excited about. :)