Hiking - being present (pt 2)

So, today we got to experience ‘being present’ in a much more natural atmosphere....a piece of the AT. 4 miles of hills, roots, rocks.....not able to really look around, because you had to be present to make sure you place your foot in the right spot. And where we started, the first 2 miles were straight up. Then, we turned around. I must say, thanks for my aluminum walking sticks. I couldn’t have made it over the rock tumbles and tree root steps without them!

The views were amazing!

And funny enough....after 2 days of hiking, I’m feeling great! Getting ready to go to bed, so not sure how I’ll feel on the car ride tomorrow. We’ll see.

Pictures to come!

Hiking - Being Present

I found it interesting, how my thoughts were working today as we began our hike to a waterfall in the great Smokey Mountains. We were wanting to stop and do our half hour meditation there. We found the beginning of a little path, a stone to sit on and began the timer.

There is a saying, ‘meditate when it’s easy, meditate when it’s hard’. So many people walking by the entrance to our little hiding spot on their way up to the falls. So many talking. There is no way a bear could have snuck up on us while were were meditating, because of all the noise.

Thoughts running through my head included:
- How are they going to enjoy nature if they are so busy talking
- Don’t people know that hiking is about the meditative part of it
- Aren’t parents teaching their kids to enjoy the journey instead of the destination
- Did I let my kids talk so loud, making it impossible for others to enjoy nature
- Is anyone being present

Then, noticing all the questions and judgements in my head, I had to let them go. Once we were done meditating, I made sure to be present for my part of the hike. And really enjoyed the waterfalls and the rhododendrons and other beautiful sights. Watched Master climb rocks and we both had our picture taken behind the waterfall. It was a lot of fun, and very strenuous.

We are doing it again tomorrow!