Niagra falls


niagra falls

I’m so looking forward to our trip to Niagra Falls this weekend. I wish we were leaving tomorrow night. An extra night at Niagra Falls is so much needed. But, we are staying for Open Sangha and leaving Friday morning.


I can’t wait to meditate at the Falls. I have a perfect spot in mind. It’s a bench at the exact spot where the water falls. It is such a powerful spot. I don’t care if it’s raining or not, that’s where I want to sit.

And spending time with Rubee and Richard....can’t wait. There are some plans in place. *rubbing hands together* .. can’t wait. :) I love being at these events. It’s ‘home’. I love watching Masters posture changes. He stands tall and has a presence. It’s no wonder the girls are drawn toward him. Well, the girls and some of the guys.

I feel like I’ve been creating that ‘presence’ as well. Is it because of the confidence that’s blossomed? maybe. Is it because of the weight loss? or the fact that someone finds me desirable? Not sure. But, I like the feeling.