Nurturing love


Today was a day of snuggling with the puppy, since it’s so cold outside. Cold records were broken today. I only slipped outside long enough to take the dog potty and slip out to grab a cheeseburger from five guys and talk to alex.

i remember saying something to someone yesterday.....that even though i’d like to....i don’t remember to nurture relationships. i feel that way, until i start looking at it. i do reach out to nurture, but it’s not returned. i reach out to old friends, i reach out to potential new friends. But, i don’t have people reaching out to me. So, i give up. I don’t mean to, but it’s hard to put so much energy out there and not get any in return....from certain people.

I need to remember the card that I drew the other day that tells me to open up to love and to see the love that is already around me. I need to keep my eyes open and nurture what is already there.