Eating the Orange

What does it mean to 'eat the orange' ?


Well, this is my viewpoint anyway.....

Eating the Orange

This morning I caught myself saying the phrase ‘Eat the Orange’ a couple of times…mainly because it’s my husband’s birthday and it’s a saying that he is fond of. Not only a saying, but a life philosophy that he likes to live by.

It comes from a Buddhist story. In this story two monks from different countries come across each other while traveling. Each of the monks have their translators. One monk decides to test the other monk. He holds up and orange and through the translators asks, ‘what is this? What is this?’. The translators do their bit and relay the question. The monk being asked the question picks up the orange and peels it, taking a bite. Then, asks his translator, ‘don’t they have oranges in their country?’.

The point of the story is instead of trying to tell a story about something, or guessing at something, bite into it and see for yourself. Experience the adventure.

So, I/we try to live life by ‘eating the orange’; by experiencing new things on purpose. It’s a way of thinking that helps us to walk through fears. For example, if someone asks me out for coffee, my first thought is to say no. Why? Well, I can come up with a number of excuses. ……too busy, what will it turn out to be, is it going to be a waste of time, what if they are scary, what if I fall for them, i have other things to do such as email. But, when I think about just going and ‘eating the orange’, it takes on a whole new flavor.

Instead i think about what the experience would be like. Maybe it will be fun, or scary or whatever, but it will be something that i wouldn't experience while sitting home on the computer.

Just like my naughty goal list that I finally shared. It was scary to be that vulnerable, but I finally put it out there with the idea of what the hell, let’s ‘eat the orange’. Who knows what will become of it.
So, when facing fears, or trying new adventures…..this has become my philosophy for the most part.

‘Eat the Orange’. Enjoy life and all the adventure it has to offer.