Poly in media

Hunger Games

OK....I just saw Hunger Games, part 2.


For one, I don’t usually like watching sappy love stories, but this movie was really, really good and I felt myself invested in the characters. Let’s just say I didn’t have Kleenex on me, so my scarf was soaking wet by the time the movie was over. Loved it! But, don’t usually like movies that make me cry, especially when I’m in a spiral. I’d rather keep my walls up, thank you very much.

Another thing about this movie though, is that the lead character is in love with two guys and keeps flip flopping with which one she wants. It’s heart breaking. This is so a time when poly would be a good option, if the guys could get along. Though they don’t portray the guys as disliking each other, they do show them as being a little possessive. I don’t know that they would share well.

Would it go well in the media? Who knows. There is so much sadness in this movie that I just want them to all be happy. :(