Practicing poly

Love in Abundance

I’m reading a new book that was recommended to me.....

Love in Abundance
by Kathy Labriola

pg. 4

“Many other people embrace the theory of open relationships and enjoy having the option of having more than one lover or spouse if they should desire, but may not have the time or energy for more than one relationship, or may not have met the right person or people to enter into such an arrangement. So, even though they consider themselves polyamorous, they may not practice polyamory - but they like having the option and having an agreement with their partner that another relationship is will be acceptable if it does happen. For many people, having the freedom to choose additional relationships is as important and fulfilling as actually acting on this option and having other lovers.”

This is how I try to explain my situation. I am poly. Do I have another relationship right now? No. But, I don’t need one. What I do have is the opportunity to develop one if the right person comes along.

And I do look for the right person. Instead of back end cleanup that has to happen when someone jumps quickly into a relationship, I do the front end work.

Actually, if I think about it.....I can’t think of anyone that I’ve just jumped into the bed of, without having Dan along as my guide. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the experiences I’ve had with those Dan moments and really hope they happen again at some point. There is something to say about jumping in and cleaning up later. ;) ....but my personality looks for trust and safety first. That is probably because I have a heavy leaning towards wanting to be with dominant people. I need to be able to trust them to let go of my ego and ‘being in charge’ protection shield. I can’t do that by just jumping in with a random person.....

trust universe with love

.....unless I really start to trust in the Universe and what the Goddess has in store for me.

That’s the tricky part.