Teaching is in my Heart

What an amazing time teaching at IMAS this weekend. Oh presenting, how I’ve missed you. You make my life complete.

Being in front of people and sharing tools that have worked for us. Sharing stories of our lives. Being vulnerable. Being on stage. Making funny jokes. Hearing people laugh. It’s a beautiful thing. It makes all the trials and challenges we faced, worth it.

Is it ego to like the fact that people enjoyed the class? Is it wrong to like the fact that people keep coming up to us and letting us know that they enjoyed our workshops? Is it egotistical to know that we were in the groove and did a good job? It’s not like we get paid to do this. I think all of this is part of the reason we keep putting ourselves out there and doing all this work.

To have someone come up to me and say, ‘That’s the most fun I’ve had out of bed in a very long time.’ It makes it worth it. This event is full of gracious people and people that genuinely got something from all our stories.

I’m sitting here in bed, full. Full of love and gratitude for the opportunities we are given.