Not Sure….

Not sure what to write about tonight…..but I don’t want to skip it either. A few things running around in my head. But, it’s probably better if I put them in a private journal.


I did an 8 mile walk this afternoon. Didn’t like re-listening to a book and the music on the iPod isn’t my walking music. So, I listened to nothing and spent a lot of time thinking. Not always a good place for me to be, in my head.

Sometimes I can come up with really creative plans, but because I’m walking and not able to write, they dissolve by the time I get back home. Or I figure out an emotional issue and it’s gone as well. Though, the negative stuff I think about, usually hangs around. Odd how that happens.



So, this could be about ice-cream. Vanilla.

In can be yummy sometimes, but there are so many other flavors out there that can rock your world! Gelato, Rocky Road, Moose Paws, Black Cherry, etc. etc.

It’s very rare that I’ll settle for vanilla unless it has something amazing to offer, which I have found to be very rare. Vanilla seems to like being vanilla. There is vanilla twist, but that’s not its natural state, it must be forced to be something it’s not.

There are so many flavors out there that I want to explore. And I really don’t have the energy or time to be teaching vanilla to be something tasty. It’s possible, but more work than I want to give I think. I’d like to find a nice strong Rock Road that already knows what it has to offer and knows how yummy it is.


So many flavors.

Do I want ice-cream enough to go with vanilla? Maybe that’s all that’s available to me right now. Is it worth it to settle? or give the vanilla a try….maybe it’s really Rocky Road?