Not sure if I’m frustrated or tired or going through con drop or all of the above. But, feeling very frustrated at the moment after going to a meeting where they trashed our newest event. One of the people doing the trashing, I expected so much more of. AND they did it in front of me. What the hell?

So, I’m trying not to be frustrated. The topic before this was how we shouldn’t take offense at other peoples actions about us or to us. I had to work really hard to breathe through that one.

We put a lot of our own money on the line to provide experiences for people that they can’t get elsewhere. We provide space for people to meet that wouldn’t otherwise have space.....yet our stuff is going to be trashed? And even by people that didn’t attend. I know that’s human nature....but sometimes I believe the phrase ‘human nature’ is used as an excuse. And I myself use it all the time. Now, I’m going to have to watch when I use it.

Very frustrated at people in general right now.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to my loving, compassionate self tomorrow and can actually write something worthwhile.