Road Trip

Road Trip - part 2

Day 3? or 4? of our trip. Depends how you count the days. WE have finished our time with Dan’s parents, brother, nephew and step-brothers family. This is our first time meeting his step-brother. Nice guy.

I felt bad that we had to leave. Would have been nice to stay another day, but we were already repeating stories. There just isn’t much to talk about. I just feel bad because they are lonely. They lost their home in a flood in Missouri a couple of years ago, in her hometown. They lost most of their possessions. She is still traumatized from it.

I understand. I’m attached to photographs and afghans and quilts from my grandparents. I used to be even ore attached to things, but the more I study Buddhism and the more I meditate, the less attached I become to material things. I want to tell her that they were just things. They got out with their lives. But, she cries at the loss. It was family heirlooms, her mothers possessions. She is very much attached to family things and history. She loves stories and stories of the past. History of places where she lives. History of people. She can tell you who the founding people are of almost everywhere she has lived. Interesting stories.

But, her thoughts remain on her lost possessions. She is having a hard time moving forward with what life has dealt her. I want to help her. She knows she needs help though. She asked us about meditation and was truly interested.

It just makes it visually clear to me how attachment to items can cause suffering. But, I also understand, that’s the human condition. For me, I keep ahold of things that have ‘sentimental’ value. Why keep them except that I have an attachment to them. I’m ok with that, as long as the attachment doesn’t cause suffering OR that i’m ok with the suffering. Sometimes I make the decision to be ok with the suffering. It means I’m alive. I can’t explain that in a way that really makes sense. I want to care about things, and sometimes that means suffering. As long as my life doesn’t turn into suffering again. For that I have to be ok with letting go of things and emotions.

Just my thought as we drive to Chicago for the second part of our trip.