Road Trip discussions

Road Trip - part 1

Reflection - It still amazes me that I’ve known my husband for 28 years. We’ve been together for 15ish years. And on a 6 hour car ride last night, and a 9 hour car ride today, we still find deep meaningful things to talk about. Deep meaningful things that most married couples don’t think that they can talk about. Power Exchange, kink, boyfriends, girlfriends, spirituality, ritual, many people get to talk about these things with their spouse?

It made for a very special ride. You’d think with the time we have together that those subjects would get discussed all the time. But, they don’t. We spend most of our time talking about presentations, CIC and events. Other times we play video games or watch a little ‘Lost’, just to wind down. So, no time for talking. Or we don’t realize that we really have something to discuss until we have that much quiet time.

I love our road trips and am looking forward to all the driving we’ll doing over the next couple of days. What a life!