Running my first 5k

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I can’t believe that I finally jogged a 5k. It’s pretty amazing that I finally did it after 10 years of trying to train for it.

The first time was around 10 years ago. Dan used to walk/jog behind me with a clock and tell me when it was time to jog and time to walk, using the couch to 5k plan. The actual goal was to be able to outrun monsters while LARPing. Or to at least have the stamina to run.

So, I was training. Then, we went to a week long at Vargas camp, and I ended up stepping on a stone, which caused a heel spur, which I didn’t know I had, to rip through my tissue in my heel. It was months of healing and cortisone shots. It took me a couple of years before I tried again.

A few years back, after losing some weight, I tried again. The laptrack at the gym was my friend. This type I ended up with a euethral cyst that needed to be removed. Surgery. The stalled me again.

After recovery, I gave up on the jogging and trained to walk a half-marathon instead. I accomplished that. I put myself through a lot of pain to do that training, but I didn’t break anything.

Unfortunately, I had stressed the hip flexor while training for the half marathon, but pushed my way through it. Even sleeping on my sides at night was painful. There were many nights where tramadol was my friend. But, it was worth it to reach that goal. I did end up in enough pain to have physical therapy ordered. Oh yay! Not.

Then, I started a new job which really cut into my training time. I just didn’t have the time to train for another half marathon, so I switched back to the c25k. I’d lost a lot of weight, walked a 13 mile race. It was time to try the running again. I printed out the c25k plan, doubled the time from one week to two weeks for each week and started at the lap track. About 4 weeks into the plan, which was really 7 weeks because I had doubled everything…..I was feeling all cocky at the gym on the laptrack and misstepped a mile or so into my jog. Tore that stressed hip flexor.

More pain. But, damn it, I was closer than I had made it before and I was determined to try again. This time I would do it smart though. With the new job, I could now afford a personal trainer. Luckily, my husband had been suggesting that for years, so it was an easy decision for him. I hadn’t had any luck with trainers before. They just couldn’t work with my physical issues, or my weight or whatever and I actually considered most of them morons. But, I went on facebook and asked around and someone was suggested, actually highly recommended, for large girls by a large girl. So, I gave him a try.

Wow. What a great decision! I’ve been going to him for a year, and last Saturday I jogged my first 5k.

I’ve been seeing Steve twice a week for a year, and it was well worth it! I see him again in two days for the last time. He’ll go over some plans he’s designed for me so that I can continue to work out on my own. And I’ll be training to race another race in 2 weeks.

I think I can outrun the monsters now.

Maybe I should sign up for a zombie run.