Scarlet Sanctuary

Scarlet Sanctuary

So many things to write about……

This weekend is another weekend of ‘Scarlet Sanctuary’ at COPE. A time of sacred touch in sacred space at an adult kink event.

Many years ago, we were told by another Qadishti that this concept would never work. Well, we’ve been doing it for about 6 years now. First, we did it twice a year here in Columbus. Then, we dropped down to once a year, but also took it on the road to Cleveland, Dayton and Chicago.

It’s very well received…the idea of touch without it being sexual. It can be sensual, but if nothing else, it’s loving and accepting. Dan and I have found that people crave safe touch. This is what we provide.

We train people how to give safe touch with their walls completely down. The people under our hands are seen as Gods and Goddesses and given loving touch.

This is my favorite part of the event. And we have many people speak positively about it, wanting to do it year after year.

Loving, Healing, Gentle, Safe, Sacred….Touch.

This is a perfect realm for Qadishti to work their magic.

I dress in red, channel the Goddess, I give sacred/loving touch. Qadishtu.