Self Pleasuring

Self Pleasuring

What’s been on my mind all day today and over the last few days if the truth be told, is the idea of self-pleasuring.

Many people call it masturbation. I only call it masturbation if it’s something I’m doing for tension relief so that I can get to sleep.

I like to make a scene of it when I touch myself for pleasure. It’s a gift to me. I open up my core in more ways then one and allow my inner Goddess out. It’s her chance to be sensual.

I’ve actually not followed through with it over the last week, because I want to have time to make it really special. I don’t want to lay down and it be over in a couple of minutes. I want to have the time to let down my own walls and really connect with myself.

More later……since just writing about it will turn me on and I don’t have time tonight and am too tired to give it the energy I’m craving.