Sex Ritual

Sex Ritual/Handfasting

What an amazing ritual yesterday and an amazing time with friends!

Dan, Karen and I were invited to a friends hand fasting, and since they are Qadishtu they invited their students, and other Qadishtu Priests and Priestesses to help them celebrate and raise energy sexually for their joining.

What an intense life I lead! And I loved being around so many Qadishti. People open to sex and seeing sex and participating in consensual sex in one huge room to raise energy, with the hand fasting couple on a bed in the middle surrounded by stones, their friends and drumming. They/We have created a sex positive culture and I’m loving it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to participate in the big ritual. I knew Dan wouldn’t go in to help, but I really wanted to participate with self-pleasuring. I mentioned it once, but it didn’t seem right to go in by myself.

There will be other opportunities, and I hope they come soon! That is truly a calling of mine and I’d like to embrace it before I get too much older.