The Space

Wow! unbelievable!

I had started looking for a bigger space for The Room. I was already putting out feelers for a church with a parsonage. The Room would be in the church and the parsonage would be our living space.

Well, then Barak and Sheba come to us with the idea of renting space for a community center. Boom, we are on board. It’s going to take the 4 of this to pull this off. We start looking for a place to rent without much luck. Then, a friend in the community says, ‘let me help you’. They are going to buy the building and rent it out to us. Wow!

But, we still need start up costs. Lawyers, Zoning, Business paperwork, Accountants, etc. etc. ….all those costs that normal businesses incur. We put the call out on Friday night of Winter Wickedness…..and the support has been amazing and so gracious!

It’s so very humbling!

It looks like we are going to be able to do this. Yay!!!

The SPACE is born!