I find that I’m missing my spiritual life. I’m craving it again and not sure what to do about it.

I see my altar to my right. Kwan Yin, the beautiful dragon that my husband bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago, stones from our trip to Mexico, Las Vegas and the Appalacian Trail, plus a print of the tattoo that is on my back of a Phoenix. Beautiful.

I miss kneeling in front of the altar. I miss doing my cleansing ritual in the shower each morning. I miss doing ritual.

I want to start participating in Ritual BDSM again.


But, I’m not. Obviously, it’s not a focus, not a priority and I’m not sure why. It used to be very important to me. But, I seem to have mellowed out. Things seem to not have form like they used to.

I need to give this some thought. Or get in touch in touch with Coral. She was the last one to stand in as Priestess for me. Wow. A year and a half ago.