Belly to Belly

I’m really wanting to participate with what’s going on right now. But, I don’t have a partner with me, and since I’m at my office and managing it while a group meets here, it feel inappropriate to join in. But, it’s oh so tempting as I watch and feel the energy of the couples that are practicing tantra.

Nick calls it the belly to belly practice. It’s amazing. Couples belly to belly in ways that feel comfortable. Expressing how they want to be touched, held, contained. Talking to each other about how they feel and the beaut the see in each other.

I want to do this with one of my partners. Both of them would be good at this if they would drop their walls and just be part of the experience. I don’t know that either could fully do that though. That’s when I’d like to have a partner that was totally into these sorts of intensive experiences.

Maybe the universe will provide someone like that in the future so that I can experience these sort of experiences. Or maybe one of my current partners will decide that they can do this with me.