Weightloss Program

The Scale Addiction

The scale addictions is a real thing. Today i’ve been craving stepping on that little white box, which is my Wii platform, to hear it go ....’OH’, when i step on it. Then, to watch as my little mini mi blows up as it calculates my size....waiting to see what the magic number of the day is. Is it a ‘good’ number that i can be proud of? or a ‘bad’ number that i need to be ashamed of, regardless of all the good exercise i’ve done, and the great food choices i’ve made.

i’m on track with all my goals this 12 week period. Walking, Biking, Hiking, good food choices, meditating, personal trainer, no potatoes, less sugar......great choices. So, why do i need to see that number?

A friend of mine sent me an article that is aimed at personal trainers....explaining what can drive the scale number up even when their clients are doing the right thing. From eating something close to the time of weigh in, to water retention from hormones, to stress hormones holding onto chemicals from our food.....lots and lots of things can make that number on the white box fluctuate from 5 - 10 pounds. Amazing!

So, stay off the white box....and keep doing the right thing for getting fit.


No Scale

I’m going to give the Bodhisatva writings a rest for a moment.....not that I don’t still have stuff to write about it, but I’m looking at my list of writing topics and see that I have a lot that have built up over the last few months of not writing daily.

One thing that is on my mind today....is the fact that we started a new 12 week challenge yesterday, and I find that I’m having to work at overcoming an addiction. Food? well, yes and no. The main addiction that I have, is the number on the scale and weighing myself to see what it is. I know that I’ve used this as a took for judging myself for a long time. What number will I be today? Should I feel great about myself, or beat myself up?

Well, my goal right now, is not about losing weight per se, but in getting in better shape. It’s not even about health, because so far my health is fine. It’s about being able to walk up stairs and running if I ever had to, and doing fun things.

So, if the goal isn’t losing weight, yet I’m on the scale once sometimes twice a day....then I’m not focusing on the right goals. The goals of tracking my food and getting in my exercise and meditation. If my numbers are or aren’t moving, I can use them as an excuse to not focus on what is important in my fitness plan.


This means that I bit the bullet and no weighing in for 12 weeks. Though, I do get a chance to modify my goals after 4 weeks of the challenge, which means I could weigh myself then and also decide if that is how i want to finish out the rest of the 12 weeks.

Today, I’ve had the chance to weigh myself 3 times at 3 different places. It’s hard not to give in and I’m only on day 2. Well, really day 1 because we weighed in yesterday for our last day of the last 12 challenge.

I have to remember that it’s just a habit, not an addiction. Though, I could be wrong with that, we’ll see.

I spoke of it on Facebook and Sarah Sloane asked me what I was doing to refocus the energy when the urge struck. I told her that I’m breathing. She responded with ‘breathe and reframe’. Good idea.

Now, I have to concentrate on the goals I did give myself.....

1) Don't weigh self for 12 weeks

2) 78 days recording food/calories in 'My Fitness Pal' app

2a) cut out potatoes/rice
2b) cut out added sugar
2c) cut down on processed foods

3) 67 days exercise (every 5 days earns me 1 day off, starting with 1 day off in the bank)
3a) personal trainer twice a week

3b) 84 miles walking in 84 days (keeping track on runkeeper)
3c) 84 miles biking in 84 days (keeping track on runkeeper)


Weightloss Program part 2

So, today was the first weigh-in in our Weight Loss Challenge, after the original weigh in. I lost 4.5 lbs! I’m surprised since I felt like staying under my calories was such a challenge. That damn peanut butter!!! That’s what I craved all week and gave into the craving more than once. I guess it could have been worse choices.

I also worked on my couch potato to 5k plan, getting to the gym twice. It frustrates me that I lost my smaller gym bag again. That’s the one with my workout journal in it. I have a version in my dropbox on my phone, but it’s not that same as seeing all my times written down in my journal, so that i can try to beat my times.

I can be pretty competitive.

So, this week, trying to get to the gym more and jump to the next week on the C25K plan. That’s going to be challenging I think.

Walk for 5 minutes
Jog for 5 minutes
Walk for 3 minutes
Jog for 5 minutes
Walk for 3 minutes
Jog for 5 minutes

Then, I finish completing the 5k mileage with walking/jogging, trying to beat my tastes time, which is 47 minutes 8 seconds.

It’s feeling good to be progressing through the plan......but it’s still a challenge to make myself go to the gym. Not sure why.

Fear that i’ll succeed? Not sure. Fear that my boobs will become more deflated? Not sure.