Back on the Wagon


Today, Master and I start on ‘Day One’ of our old way of doing our health tracking system, and point earning system. That was working really well for us and fell by the wayside for me when we started the ‘Movement Challenge’, started my new job and strained my hip at the gym. I haven’t been exercising or meditating with any consistency. So, it’s time! Back on the wagon!

It’s been two weeks since starting the new job and straining my hip. I need to figure out how I’m going to schedule my day so that I get in my exercise, meditation and writing. One of the thoughts is to get a personal trainer. Dan has been suggesting this for a long time, but we just haven’t had the money. I’ve tried a personal trainer here and there over the last couple of years, but when the trial packets run out, I stop seeing them. So, it’s time. Dan has given me a name, Lady Di is seeing someone she likes, and I wouldn’t mind the Personal Training Studio that I’ve used before because they will help me with my hip and calf issues. Actually, I just looked at their pricing for their Polaris place and it’s pretty cheap if I want to share a slot with someone. I’ll be making phone calls today.

As for meditation, wow, we just have to figure out when to do it. We were able to this morning because I planned on not going to the gym and just being with Dan before he left for Chicago for work. We had such a great weekend and I really didn’t want it to end. Still don’t.  When would be the best time? We already know that evening doesn’t work for us. So, we need to do it in the morning. But, if I’m going to start taking Ginger in at 7am so that I can get to the gym, that means leaving our home at 6:50am. Yuck! I will HAVE to start getting up at 5:50, dressed and lunch made and work clothes in my gym bag. Meditate, kiss Master, grab lunch, water bottle and coffee/tea and then out the door. Don’t like it, but it’s needed to stay on a good mental/physical/spiritual track.

Today, meditation is done. Writing (this) is done, will track calories all day. Now, just need to figure out when to exercise.
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