Career Transition

Career Transition

Archangel Chamuel: “Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change”

“You’ve prayed for help with your career, and it’s now occurring. Sometimes change is perceived as stressful, yet I’m helping to clear the old from your life to make way for the new. Pay close attention to your repetitive ideas, dreams, and visions, as these are Divinely inspired roadmaps pointing the way along your desired path. You may not see the entire road (or where it’s leading), but each step will be lit along the way.”

Working with Archangel Chamuel: Chamuel’s name means “He who sees God.” His ability to see clearly helps us find things, situations, and people. He’s renowned for helping people find the career best suited to their purpose and passions. Call upon Chamuel as your career counselor often.

This could mean anything. It’s funny because I am searching for a new job. But, I’ve also been very interested in scheduling more workshops at CIC and getting into addictions counseling. So, which is it? I love the idea of working for the company that I interview with next week. They have a fitness center, etc. So, which is it? How do I know? I don’t. And anytime I’ve had my cards read about this by someone else, the Wheel shows up, which means something else is in mind by the Universe as part of the Divine plan, but they aren’t ready to tell me yet.

So, I drew another archangel card with the question ‘how do I know’. The card I drew is ‘nurture’. I’m supposed to nurture my inner child and teach others how to do the same. Play and laugh. does that help me?
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