Warrior vs Nuisance, part 2

Warrior vs Nuisance …..Part 2

Well, once I posted that writing on ‘Warrior vs. Nuisance’, almost instantly someone responded to it telling me it didn’t resonate and that i was week and hiding my mental illness behind my kink.

Wow. i had no warning and it was instantly after i posted it. Luckily i had a little time to stay on fet and take care of the situation. i wrote a little response….like ‘wow, where did that attitude come from?’. Then, i went and checked out his profile…..’incest, forced impregnatation’ and more weird stuff like that. Yuck. So, i wrote him a little note telling him i was blocking him and then reported him and blocked him.

Almost instantly, Kevin texted me to let me know that whatever that guy wrote wasn’t true and he was responding through his own sick filters. i had already figured that out, but it’s nice to hear it from a professional.

Luckily for me, i’ve done a lot of work over the years. And doing the type of writing i did, i really open myself up to being vulnerable. Someone responding like that person did, could have crippled me not too long ago.

But, i handled it like a champ. Surprise Surprise.

And it did resonate with a lot of people and it brings me closer to people.

i hope that guy gets some help.
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