Qadishti BDSM

Had a fabulous class at the Monkey Puzzle Club the other night. Master was sick, but i feel i did a great job! We’ve been teaching this class for a VERY long time. i’m not even sure where we first taught it, but this is the second time with MPC, we’ve taught it at GLEE in Toledo, and GD2 in Chicago, Beltaine in Maryland, NLA in Columbus. ......lots of places with great results.

Lots of people with questions about energy work and how to create ritual with BDSM. Negotiation, setting intent, creating the ritual, how to let go to be ridden, After care.....i cover all of that. My main focus is energy though; what it is, how to use it, how to use psychic hygiene practices, etc. etc.

Lots of great questions after the class as well!!!