Beyond the love


Part of me is having a hard time coming up with something to write about tonight....the other part of me has a lot of topics running through her head. Some of them are ‘coming up with a new name so that i can attach my Facebook to my husbands new Facebook name’, ‘wanting to walk another half marathon’. ‘not stepping on the scale’, ‘putting on a poly event’.......

So, what to talk about?

It must be quick, I should have been in bed two hours ago. Went to bed late last night as well. Why? Probably because I’m trying to do too much. But, I’m feeling productive.

Last night, I opened the Columbus Insight Center, left the recovery group there to meet on their own for an hour, while I went grocery shopping. Then, I went back, locked up the space and then went home to cook. I prepped 2 crockpots of food for the week, buffalo chicken and turkey chili, along with a breakfast quiche. That should last us for the week.

I also did a couple loads of laundry, packed for the next day, and got some Beyond the Leather work done.

Tonight, I opened the space for a Roundtable, left them to meet on their own, came home to help run a BTL staff meeting, then dropped off alex’s clothes at his place, went back to the space to close up, came home and did a couple loads of laundry, typed up notes from the meeting and posted them.

So, so many late nights, early mornings and more late nights.

I was excited today at the thought of another half marathon, then I was describing it to my husband, and this feeling of dread flowed through me. I’m not sure if it was his reaction of another scheduled weekend, or my own emotions at the idea of being away from home.

But, I need a goal and I’m afraid the goals I have aren’t working. I’ll keep thinking about it.

Hoping I don’t look like this at work in the morning....