Spinning....Out of Control


So, today I’m feeling pretty good. The husband and I had a talk which seemed to diffuse anything that was going on with me….and then we added some special time …which was icing on the cake, in helping set things straight with my emotions.
But, what is frustrating is that a couple hours after the talk with my husband, I was talking to someone at the Poly meeting that was telling me that they were trying to stabilize their emotions and that they were interested in my Reiki class coming up. Well, that comment had me smacking my forehead. Why? Well, as I was telling this guy, I teach Psychic Hygiene during that class.
Psychic Hygiene is grounding, cleansing, and shielding. Skills that all energy workers should know. And something we should practice every day, since energy workers are usually highly sensitive to other peoples energy and to leaking out their own. 

Smacking the forehead, because if I had followed through with a daily routine of psychic hygiene for myself, I  may not have gotten so emotionally out of control as to feel that I’m broken.

Sometimes this spinning out of control feeling is hormones; sometimes it’s an energy imbalance. Start with the energy work, then remember to exercise (hah, had stopped doing that as well), then remember the meditation (haven’t been great with that)…..and then remember other tools in the toolbox, but don’t forget the psychic hygiene as one of those very basic and powerful tools.