Draft email

8 Poly Tools

My husband and I teach this class called ‘8 Poly Tools’ and we’ve taught it twice over the last 6 days. It’s a class with …well….14 poly tools that we’ve come up with over the last 17 years. Though, if I’m honest, most of them were discovered over the last 10 years as our poly ramped up and we needed something to help us out.

The first 7 years, we were co-amorous and dated girls together. So, there wasn’t much to deal with when it came to jealousy and stuff. It’s only when my husband started pulling away to date on his own that it became an issue for us.

Funny enough, we are teaching this class at a time when both of us can really use them. Yet, when you are in the middle of change, they can be hard to remember. Here we are, supposedly enlightened poly people.  We present on the joys of poly, the tools of poly and a couple of other topics, and here we are having our own issues. All of our poly partners are finding new people to build relationships with at the same time. His long term partner, his newest partner and my long term partner have all started new relationships within the last couple of weeks. Talk about irony. Now we get to put our feet to the pavement and walk the talk.

But, it’s hard. These situation can be so hard. So, we put the tools to work.
Manual Mode... check
Journaling ... check
Joy Journal ... check
Draft email ... check
Be with Poly people ... check
Realize it's a WAM moment ... check

Cry ... check……wait, that’s not on the list of tools. But, happens anyway. The tools help it to not spiral out of control.