Bodhisattva (part 3)

Bodhisattva (part 3)
From the same magazine article, is this statement:

“By taking the bodhisattva vow, we open ourselves to many demands. If we are asked for help, we should not refuse; if we are invited to be a parent, we should not refuse. In other words, we have to have some kind of interest in taking care of people, some appreciation of the phenomenal world and its occupants. It is not an easy matter. It requires that we not be completely tired and put off by people’s heavy-handed neurosis, ego-dirt, ego-puke, or ego-diarrhea; instead we are appreciative and willing to clean up for them. It is a sense of softness whereby we allow situations to take place in spite of little inconveniences; we allow situations to bother us, to overcrowd us.”

I’m still trying to figure this one out. We should not refuse help. If we are invited to be a parent, we should not refuse. ……also the idea that we should be willing to clean up peoples ‘ego-dirt, ego-puke or ego-diarrhea or heavy-handed neurosis’….again, I’m not sure I get the benefit of cleaning up behind people. Or exactly what that means.

As someone that used to allow themselves to be walking over, used and abused, it sounds like it’s asking me to do the same. It sounds like when Amanda in Chicago, told me that to be a Priestess, meant that I should go back home and attempt to heal my main perp. I just don’t understand why I’m supposed to put myself in a position to clean up after others. How do they learn their life lessons if someone is always cleaning up after them?

This is the part of the vow that just doesn’t click for me. I would rather live in a way that others want to emulate. Show doors. Open eyes. Have compassion and show people they are valuable human beings. Not walk behind them with a broom as they shit on me. Because that is what it will feel like. Ego-dirt, Ego-puke, heavy-handed neurosis is all about drama. Why feed the drama?

Maybe I have this idea all wrong and am just not understanding what he’s trying to convey. But, at the moment, this idea feel icky and unhealthy.