Personal Trainer

Once again, I have a couple of things that I’d like to write about.....but I think I’ll take the high road on one of the things. If it still needs to be written after a couple of days, I’ll see if it feels right to give it voice.

In the meantime, my new personal trainer kicked my ass tonight! Though, I’ve tried a personal trainer a couple of times, they were with an introductory package and really didn’t work me. Then, when I couldn’t afford to hire them after the introductory time with them, they tried to sell me other services. One of which I fell for, because of my hip issues. I paid the $100 but it didn’t fix anything.

This guy, tough but compassionate. He works with me, and helps me mimic his instructions. He wants to see me succeed. Though, it is hard to convince him that i’ve already lost 77 pounds on my own.

Well, not really on my own. Without the love, support and motivation of my husband/Master, I never would have made it this far. He loves me for who i am, large or small. But, as he tells me, he wants me to be around for a long time. He wants me to stay healthy. He wants me to make it to the time that we are rocking in rocking chairs on our porch, reminiscing about the past escapades. Though, I’ve pretty much been healthy, obese people usually have more issues as they get older.

So, motivated, supported, loved. And heading straight for 50. I have things that I want to do! I have clothes that i’d love to wear while i’m still cute. :) Ziplining, long bike rides, half-marathons, hiking,!

After 10 years of walking, biking, kayaking, calorie counting, the gym......77 pounds off. Now, I get to tone up. I’m going to by hurting for the next 12 weeks!

We have a 5k to walk this Saturday. I’m trying not to be bumbed, because this was the 5k that i was supposed to run. Instead I’ll be walking it. I’ve got to get back to being able to jog. That was actually a lot of fun. My trainer will be strengthening my body so that I can finally be able to run without hurting myself.

This has been an amazing journey. Slow and tough at times. Plateaus can be a pain and frustrating. But, I’m loving the results of sticking to it.


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