Color Me Rad - 5k report


Some times i forget that i was also going to review 5k’s that we’ve participated in. Well, the most recent one we walked in was the one called ‘Color Me Rad’. It was a 5k that involved being doused with powdered and liquid color. That part of the race, was fun.....

But, the course it self was not very well thought out. They used the Fairgrounds in Hilliard and some of the old downtown streets. So, at the beginning, even though there were 3 starting times, it bottle-necked. I felt really bad for those that were trying to run for time. There wasn’t any real way to do that.

Dan decided to jog the race. i wanted to ask him not to, because that was the race that i was supposed to run. But, i got over that in a hot minute. He likes to run and there wasn’t any reason for me to hold him back. i was proud of him as he ran ahead. Maybe i’ll be able to do that one day.

We got stuck behind a group of girls walking together and there wasn’t any room to get around them. So, snails pace for awhile. Then, there was a line waiting to go under a canopy that was set up, for the liquid color. Like i said, i’m glad that i wasn’t really serious about my time for the race.

So, through the line at the color station and then, turn around and go back the way of the bottleneck and to the fairgrounds, onto the hours track. Another color station, bandana over the mouth. The track wasn’t too bad to walk on, but then the path went to some broken up asphalt and mud, where we had to dodge horse poo. Between almost tripping over the asphalt, slipping in the mud and side-stepping the’s a wonder i didn’t twist an ankle. i was not happy with this part of the trail at all and if this race is held there again, i won’t participate. i know they do it so that they can have the color stations....but it felt unsafe.

Another thing that frustrated me, was that it said to wear all white. So, i went out and bought all white. i don’t like white. i look like a marshmallow. Then, i get there. There is no one else in all white except us 3. Hundreds there and no one else in all white. Disappointing.

At least, even with the bottlenecks and unsafe course, i was able to shave 12 minutes off my 5k time. So, that was great. i had fun with the color stations as well. But, if was to grade the course.....i’d give it a 4 out of 10 and i really don’t know that i’ll do this race next year. Not worth the money, even though we used a group on.

Plus, through no fault of theirs, i was not able to jog it like i had planned.

i saw the pics of the event today....and there are pics of us. And as i said, i look like a marshmallow. All this work to lose this weight and i wouldn’t post those pics anywhere for others to see.