The Joy of......

I think I'm going to write more joyful posts.....

The Joy of being Poly.....
The Joy of being a Slut...
The Joy of being a slave...
The Joy of......whatever is making me happy that day. 

I love this idea. 

For today.....i have 2. 

The Joy of being Poly and the joy of being a slut....pokemon. 

How can I write about the Joy of being poly and the joy of being a slut and the story be focused around Pokemon? Simple. The boyfriend. 

We couldn't meet on our usual Wednesday night because his wife had just gotten back from a trip and he wanted to spend time with her. So, we went out last night instead. We talked and talked about past relationships. He let me talk about the old boyfriend that I just came across again recently. 

And then we went out pokemon hunting. Oddly enough, this is something that I don't share with my husband. He tried it for an hour or so and just didn't get into it. Whereas, I love it and got the boyfriends wife to play and between the two of us, got him interested in playing. So, now we have something we share. So, after dinner, it was off to go hunting. A Joy of Poly. 

Before we left the restaraunt, I made sure to take off my panties. Just in case he was feeling frisky. Needless to say, I was wearing a skirt. It wouldn't make sense to take off panties if I was wearing pants. 

We also talked about what it was like to be a slut. He talked about his slutty past. I talked about my slutty past, which didn't match his for number of partners. Though I've had more kinky encounters. 

So, pokemon hunting in the dark. Downtown of a small town where we had met for dinner. Lots of people. Lots of dark places. After putting a hand on my ass, he realized what I had done to prepare for this time together. He smiled. Not once, not twice, not three times; he gave me the opportunity to push my slutty boundaries. He was great at making sure no one was around, and I could have always said no. But, I liked the feeling of my heart racing, my breath coming out as panting, him taking charge, and him protecting me and us. I was thinking clearly for the most part and made the choice each time to follow through with what he asked. And it was fucking hot! I'm so glad I didn't chicken out. The Joy of being a Slut. 


Joy of Cooking


Tonight was very productive for me…..lots of cooking. I feel very fulfilled. I’ve been trying to eat low-carb, but it’s hard and boring when all I have at work to eat is a summer sausage and cheddar cheese.

So, I made a food plan for the week, created a shopping list and went grocery shopping at lunch time. Then, I stopped by the CIC to make a salad for Dan for dinner, and then stopped to pick up some eggs and came home and cooked.

For my vegetarian friends, please cover your eyes. Because for me to eat low-carb, it means a lot of meat. I’ve eaten this way before and my body loves it. Carbs and sugars, including sugars from fruits, leaves me tired, lethargic and not able to concentrate.

So, tonight I made bacon, egg salad, deviled eggs and a sausage/egg/cheese breakfast casserole. Tomorrow night I’m going to have to make something chicken in the crockpot just to balance out all the pork and eggs.

As soon as I got home, it was unload groceries, do the dishes, organize some stuff on shelves, clean out the fridge and cook. I miss doing all of this!

I’m also happy because I bought a lot of veggies to add to all of this meat and eggs. Low Carb, low glycemic vegs.

I’m ready for a week of eating and staying on my eating plan!

I also bought new containers for the food, and now the clean fridge is full of food ready to be packed for lunches.

Maybe I can drop this 3 pounds I gained from the potatoes, and fruit and sugar I had over the weekend.